Please read the information below before you begin the Registration process.

At least one person within your organization MUST be designated as Administrator for your ExpressNet account. The Administrator is responsible for registering the account and for managing users for the account. All information sent from iiX regarding the User SignOns and User Passwords for this account will be sent to the Administrator's email address. Please EXIT the Registration process now if you are not, or do not wish to be, the Administrator.

To begin the Registration process, please enter in the fields below your iiX Account Number and the Primary Contact E-mail Address that was submitted on your iiX Subscription Agreement.


To register, you MUST have an established iiX account. If you are not currently an iiX customer, please complete the subscription agreement and state forms and fax to iiX Sales at 979-846-7169, or contact iiX Sales at 800-683-8553, Option 2 for additional information.


Enter your iiX account number and the Contact E-mail Address that you submitted on your iiX Subscription Agreement. Your temporary registration password will be e-mailed to that address. Once the password is received, you may continue with the registration process.